My name is Shipra Paliwal – wife of an army officer, mother of two, a house maker by choice and an entrepreneur by profession. Being a part of the olive green family for over 28years I have developed a multifaceted personality, while I am a post graduate in economics, I have been a teacher are various stations, an All India Radio announcer, counsellor and a culinary teacher and then decided to venture into the entrepreneurial wave and founded my brain child – Avani Skincare – an authentic & natural skincare brand founded in 2016.

 While living across the country under all sorts of extreme weather conditions I realized it’s the traditional old school natural ingredients more like “Dadi Ma ke nuskhe” that keeps the skin radiant and glowing and that’s how the seed to grow “avani skincare” came into place. I wanted to create products that are absolutely a 100% natural with no chemicals or preservatives. With the world moving away from western products and heading back towards organic and natural skincare products, Avani skincare is a pioneer in that segment.  The word avani is derived from the Sanskrit word which means “ground the earth or soil” which literally is the essence of the brand as well – to provide you products as natural as the nature itself.

At Avani skincare each and every product is handmade with love, care and affection. I  believe in quality over quantity, hence each and every ingredient used in the products are  handpicked by me, to keep a check on the essence of its core, that is,  to provide you with 100% natural and chemical free products that not only elevates your skin but your body and soul too. Avani skincare aims to provide you everlasting youthfulness & ever glowing feel to your skin with the help of nature itself.

Back in 2016 I, started with making face wash and moisturizers at home for friends and family and through word of mouth when I started getting requests from friends of friends to use my products that’s when idea to create a brand was born. Started with just two products initially, Avani skincare now has a wide range of products to cater to all your skin needs be it for men or women. From Body butter to anti-ageing creams to body mist, you name it and we have it for you. As everyone has a different skin types, I take consultations with my clients to provide them customised natural products that are well suited to their particular skin type.  

Inspired by our honourable prime ministers initiative of “Make in India”  and VocalforLocal I decided to reuse those age old traditional skincare nushkhe and became the first entrepreneur of my family and started with this small business, hoping to one day be a leading beauty and skincare brand across the country.

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