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Pre Shave Oil For Men

Avani by Shipra Paliwal Pre Shave Oil is a premium daily skin care product for men that helps provide a barrier between the blade and your skin to reduce irritation. The pre-shaving oil can also provide a better shave, especially in difficult areas like the ones under the nose or sideburns. Avani’s formulation includes castor seed and olive oils, which help soften the skin before shaving. A few sprays of this pre-shave oil onto your face will leave you with an easier, smoother shave with no redness or irritation afterwards! The soothing, moisturizing ingredients are designed to stop any discomfort and prevent itchy rashes and bumps on your face when you’re done shaving. The Avani Pre Shave Oil has a light Tea Tree smell which will leave your face feeling refreshed after shaving. This product is perfect for anyone who wants healthy looking skin without having to spend money on creams or lotions all day long. IT IS A MUST HAVE !!! Apply 10-20 drops of the pre shave oil on dry skin before shaving .Rinse off when done. The Avani Pre Shave Oil is an excellent product to have in your grooming kit!


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